RISE represents the desire of every single person, team and company to emerge. RISE is the power that drives the organizations to transit unknown places, achieve dream goals, and overpass personal and team obstacles to ascend to unimaginable places.

Rise Latinamerica

Our Mission

Our mission at RISE is to create strategies so people and organizations can see new and better ways to develop talent within companies.
Alexandra Vargas
Product Leader
Rise Latam
Rise Latam
Rise Latam
Rise Latam
Our Mission

Competitive Advantage

We are a holistic team that is able to understand in depth and detail the challenges that prevent your organization from bringing the knowledge learned in the classroom to the workplace.

That is why we create training alternatives that significantly impact the Learning and Development of soft skills, taking the knowledge learned in the classroom to the day to day of the collaborators.

Our Product

We offer a product that is tailor-made, revealing, people-centered and action-promoting.

Our Client

We open new windows to strategies and development opportunities that impact your business.

Versus Our Competitors

We turn the organization into a training space.
Competitive Advantage

Our History

We have been in the Latin American market since 2007. For the last 11 years we have been offering our services as B&V Consulting SAS since 2018 our organization has evolved to become RISE LATAM.

Our consulting and training processes have been applied in countries such as United States of America, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Salvador, Guatemala and Bolivia.

Throughout our trajectory we have been characterized by focusing the processes in the development of the PERSON. We believe that by connecting with their maximum potential, improves their work performance and therefore their satisfaction, both in the Organization and among the work teams.

We have our own intervention models, although we have certifications in methodologies such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Enneagram, Ontological Coaching (personal and executive), Cultural transformation Tools, Outdoor Training, Lego Serious Play, Horse Assisted Training, among others, which we use in favor of our processes if required.

Programación  Neurolingüística
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Coaching Ontológico
Ontological Coaching
Cultural  Tranformation  Tools
Cultural Transformation Tools
Outdoor Training
Outdoor Training
Lego  Serious Play
Lego Serious Play


Already working to reach their full potential.

  • Avianca
  • banco de occidente
  • blumont
  • cafam
  • cemex
  • citi
  • davivienda
  • gabrica
  • geodis
  • harinera del valle
  • haygroup
  • ibm
  • leonisa
  • maersk
  • movistar
  • novartis
  • pepsico
  • pfizer
  • schumberger
  • sealand
  • shell
  • sura
  • Universidad de la sabana


  • Citibank

    I. Pinilla – Learning and Development
    Finding good consultants for the processes of training, development and leadership is fortunate, it is not a secret that the market is flooded with offers and many of them lack a methodological background or a common thread that generates a sustainable and visible result in the long term. This is NOT the case of the work done with RISE by B&V Consulting. Impact is always generated and the result is given, because there has been a clear understanding of the need and innovative supports are provided, according to their criteria, experience and human sense.
  • Avianca

    P. Castiblanco – Corporate Formation Leader
    More than a supplier, is a strategic ally. It has been excellent! It is a safe option to provide the company with its consulting processes, design and implementation of strategies focused on service. As a leader in corporate training, I have had excellent results through their services, also in the personal field.
  • Seguros Bolívar

    E. Soto – Development Management Training Area Coordinator
    The valuable thing about working with RISE by B&V Consulting is the innovation with which they handle team development issues, and their ability to lead people to become aware of themselves through activities that show the humanity of the other and provide them with the other's too, a new look. They manage to generate more harmonious and positive work climates; they are a very professional team.
  • LAM Cosmetics

    E. Masias - General Manager
    In 2018 we conducted activities aimed at creating organizational purpose, development of the management team and deployment of cultural change. The result is an improvement in leadership, understanding that change starts for each person; Communication in our organization has increased, helping in the development of the proposed new culture.
    Personally, I managed to understand the aspects cloud my decision making, how to empower others more and how to align work and personal issues, to fully live my life purpose.
  • Leonisa

    P. Correa – Human Reources Manager Leonisa Votre Passion
    RISE by B&V Consulting are a great ally for the development of teams, especially in the escalation of conversational skills. Professional and human team, very up-to-date and with avant-garde methodologies and tools.
  • EAFIT University

    A. Arrazola – TH Coordinator
    They easily understand our needs and propose in a novel and simple way, strategies that seek to mobilize the relevant and necessary aspects to achieve our objectives.
  • Universidad de la Sabana

    C. Rodríguez – Director of the Students Office - Engineering Faculty
    RISE by B&V Consulting, manages to adjust its methodologies and experiential workshops to our very specific needs. They provide us value from the diagnosis and intervention of the Organization's teams, generating impact and permanence of long-term learning.

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