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Talent Identification

There is a reality in organizations that we cannot ignore: we continue to hire our staff by technical competences but withdraw them by lack of soft skills development.

It is no longer enough to hire people who only meet the technical skills required in a position!

This program focuses on providing tools for the selection areas, so they can find people who, in addition to technical skills, have the behavior patterns, motivators and beliefs that allow them to constantly nurture the package of soft skills they bring to the organization so they can become key people from their role.

We will help the selection areas to identify the natural abilities of a person in order to determine if the technical and soft abilities required for a position are aligned with the candidates natural potential.


RISE Academy

¿Do you feel that you have the opportunity to improve at a working level, but you have no idea how to develop them? ¿Do you want to improve your leadership, adaptability, communication, or other soft skills? ¿Do you need more tools to grow in your professional life?

This is a training that seeks to develop some of the soft skills required by the challenges of today business world. Leading people to discover their own limits and strengths.

Based on each person's professional experience and roles, we will trace a Personalized Development Plan for each student.

Each group of students will live a series of theoretical-experiential modules hand by hand with our team of professionals in which we will execute their path of personal development and thus we will strengthen the package of skills required in their current role and / or professional projection.

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