We provide environment transformation and organizational conditions to facilitate the demonstration of a team’s maximum potential.

RISE - Cultura Organizacional


Our model allows us to identify the attributes, anchor beliefs, and behavioral patterns that define the Current Culture of the Organization.

Once identified, we define transformation routes and redefine the required values, beliefs and behaviors, so that they are aligned with the corporate strategy and directly impact the balance Scored card.

RISE - Cultura Organizacional

Change Management

There are 9 mental forces that work for or against change. These 9 forces create process maps that determine the aspects that could obstruct fluidity in a process of change.

Our model focuses on the organization's understanding of how it perceives and processes reality so that, based on its sensitivities and obstacles, it can identify what is causing it the stress of change and then can execute strategies that gives (it) the organization the necessary dynamism to fluidly assimilate the transformation and practice behaviors aligned with its new vision at the level of people, processes, technology, teams and cooperation.

RISE - Cultura Organizacional

New Talents

We are used to seeing Experimental Learning as a tool to evaluate and develop teams that are already constituted. However, processes that are built based on Experimental Learning also have a high efficiency in determining whether a candidate has the skills required for a position or not.

At RISE we believe that you get to know more about a person in 30 minutes playing than in a lifetime of conversation.

This is why we offer consultative processes associated with Talent Identification, where we complement the traditional ones with experiences based on Experiential Learning, to strengthen the selection criteria of a candidate and determine if he/she has the necessary level of development of soft skills to fill the position he/she aspires for.

RISE - Cultura Organizacional

Professional Projection

At RISE we define development paths for succession lines, key talents and critical positions based on the following understanding:

· What do we need at the talent level to respond to the business objectives?

· What will be the critical positions for business challenges to be achieved?

· What are the High Potentials that could be taken on this challenge?

Through talent maps that are developed for each High Potential, we define Personalized Routes of Development that can be experienced in our RISE LAB, an open-field laboratory of soft skills which objective is to identify and develop critical skills to ensure the success of specific positions in the organization.

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