For RISE, a process of training and consulting is nothing more than the opening of a path of transformation that each person decides to live and that nobody can take on for another.

Rise Latinoamérica

The challenge of Organizational training is about achieving:

Corporate strategies and Talent Management actions that give equal value to both personal and social competencies, as well as hard competencies.
Manage training that mobilizes people and teams to move from intention into action.

It is a mistake to think that these two edges are fulfilled when we give all the weight of formative success to what happens in the classroom. The organization itself must become a training space where strategies, that lead people and professionals to see the importance of living in a constant personal and professional growth, that emerge so that the training generates a real change in behaviors, habits, relationships and established patterns.

At RISE we turn the Organization into the main Training Space of its collaborators...

through our theoretical, methodological and experiential expertise; three fundamental bases for soft skills (which are actually emotional skills) to be developed.

We work so that people can interact better with the world and optimize their organizational management. These are some of the skills we develop to achieve it:

Strategic Vision
Achievement Motivation

Personal Skills

Social Skills

Team Consciousness


Resilience and Conflict Management
Leadership and Influence


Inteligent Cooperation

Our customized programs are focused on building high performance teams, service culture, sales strategies, development of senior executives and leaders, among others.

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